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GDPR – are you in the 2% that’s ready?

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General Data Protection Regulation is fast approaching.

GDPR is a set of rules that applies uniformly to all EU states – it’s regulation that gives people more control of their data; that strengthens data protection procedures and that heavily penalises companies and institutions that fail to comply.


are you in the 2%?

For firms, GDPR non-compliance start with a warning, but fines quickly escalate to €20,000,000 EUROS (or 4% of the previous year’s turnover – whichever is greatest).

*Quoting a Veritas-commissioned poll, Computer Weekly reported that while 30% of companies believe they are GDPR-ready, the reality is just 2% are.

For EU citizens, GDPR means more control and autonomy of one’s data and how it is used. But for companies, GDPR means a revolutionary, relentless iron-cladding of the way data is gathered, secured, monitored and traded.

GDPR comes into force in late May 2018. It can’t be ignored, shelved or taken lightly.




Aelm’s Fast Track GDPR Audit

For companies, GDPR seems unsettling but it need not cause panic or nervousness – even for those who have delayed issuing new Protection By Design and Default directives, or appointing mandatory Data Protection Officers, or whose tech can’t handle pseudonymisation encryption.

Technology and consultancy firm Aelm has developed a fast track system to help any company get ahead of GDPR in just two weeks.

Beginning with a Strategic Assessment, Aelm helps firms to identify their current sources and dissemination of data; to provide a Security and Controls map, and to undertake an analysis of all Metadata and the audit trail.

Once Aelm presents its insights and recommendations – via easy-to-understand virtual dashboards – firms are free to implement them in-house, or to retain Aelm to do so as part of a larger integration project.

With Aelm’s proprietary technology – and a management team that boasts nearly a century in banking – compliant workflows, education and training, and new roles and responsibilities can be easily allocated and established.


£5,000 to get ahead of GDPR

The onset of GDPR means firms need to start forensically managing their data – not least to protect their reputation and avoiding game-changing fines. Aelm can help any company to fast track the GDPR process and stay ahead – for a flat rate of £5,000.

So if you’d like to talk about GDPR, data, or more generally about how your institution can bring in a cost-effective era of efficiency in systems and processes, we hope you’ll get in touch.


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