Get Strategic insights into your business! We develop and deploy solutions focused on your business needs and objectives.

Successful businesses thrive on right decisions made at the right time. These decision are critical not just for the competition, but prepare the business for future challenges.

All the decisions need timely and relevant data to be effective. In addition to the structured data that the firm may store in its database, there is a vast quantity of unstructured data generated by the external systems (through Government databases, economic datasets, social media, etc). The future of the business lies in converting this vast datascape into meaningful information for the business.

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Strategy Consultation Data Infrastructure Business Intelligence Change Management
Strategy Consultation

We help you in aligning your business to a growth path and identify key areas of improvement. We enable you to build on your strengths and stand out from your competitors.

We have expertise in supporting small, medium and global organisations in building dynamic strategies that aims to use resources effectively, improving productivity, and making organisational processes more efficient.

We help you with
 Competitive Analysis
 Business Strategy
 Technology Strategy
 Technology Implementation

Data Infrastructure

We help you in building the optimum data infrastructure that aims to improve transferability, readability and efficacy of your organisational data.

We strategically review your existing MIS infrastructure and develop strategies around development of actionable intelligence. We offer our advisory services in data integration, reconciliation, collection, storage and dissemination. We also support your needs to make the data systems future ready as your business grows.

We help you with
 Data Integration
 Cloud Integration
 Big Data Management
 Data Warehouse

Business Intelligence

We develop and implement business intelligence solutions focused on your business objectives. We offer unique insights never before possible using traditional business intelligence models.

Our solutions will be built specifically around your business requirements. We help you discover unique insights by integrating your internal business data with the data your share with vendors, employees and the industry, to make your business profitable and productive.

We help you with
 Reporting & Analysis
 Monitoring & Alerting
 Budgeting & Planning
 Predictive Modelling

Change Management

We guide you through successful roll out of new technology and process improvements. We support end-to-end change management through motivation, training and support. You want a team that has the pedigree and expertise in working with complex solutions in global organisations.

We help you with

Aelm is partnering with Microsoft® Power BI and Tableau®.

Microsoft Partner

With Microsoft® Power BI you can see all of your data through a single pane of glass. Live dashboards and reports show visualizations and KPIs from data that reside both on-premises and in the cloud, providing a consolidated view across your business regardless of where you data lives.

Microsoft, Encarta, MSN, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Tableau Partner

Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Used by more than 19,000 companies and organizations worldwide, Tableau’s award-winning software delivers fast analytics and rapid-fire business intelligence. Create visualizations and dashboards in minutes, then share in seconds. The result? You get answers from data quickly, with no programming required.

Tableau is either registered trademark or trademark of Tableau Software in the United States and/or other countries.

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